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As a Nerd, you've dedicated years of your life living vicariously through Main Characters.

Whether it’s inserting yourself into books, building them directly in video games, or letting yourself drift in your own boundless imagination, you know exactly what it means to be the “Main Character.”

Basically, you’ve dedicated your life to becoming an expert on what it means to be a badass.

Which is why you KNOW it starts with strength…

But maybe you don’t know specifically how to achieve that, or maybe you’re unsure if what you’re currently doing is enough

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Does this sound familiar?

Every few months you get a burst of motivation after watching a movie, or you read a particularly good book, and you feel the pull to emulate that character.

→ To race headfirst toward the challenge.

→ To fight until your lungs ache.

→ To be worthy of wielding the sword of your ancestors.

… or maybe, more simply, you just want to wake up without back pain.

… be able to get on and off the floor with your kid, without your knees cracking.

… or carry the laundry up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.

At the end of the day, you know that you’re at your best when you’ve got a sense of purpose and something tangible to accomplish each day.

So let me guess…

→ You join some high-intensity group exercise class a couple of times a week where you sweat like a maniac for 40 minutes, then spend 4 days trying to get rid of the kink in your shoulder…

→ Follow a fit-fluencer for daily motivation and jump from “Motivation Monday” to” Workout Wednesday” post, and spin your wheels…

→ Or do you download a free 30-day superhero ‘quick-start’ challenge, were ‘Connor’ the 21 ‘fat loss specialist’ tells you to avoid all sugar, rev your metabolism with 600 burpees a day, and only eat orange foods on Tuesdays…

→ Perhaps you go the traditional route and you hire Danny Yells-Alot at your local gym to get your progress accelerated. Sure, he’s swiping on dating apps between sets or staring at his own biceps when not telling you to “dig deep” as you do squats on a bosu, but this is what it takes to level up…


But what ALWAYS happens?


HIIT classes, insta workouts, and ambiguous challenges can be a great way to get a burst of excitement about making those initial healthy choices and get you moving.

But what happens after that burst of motivation ends?

Where does the passion go?

How do you keep the momentum and all the progress you made?

Or (and more likely) worse…you end up getting overwhelmed and actually make no progress.

The truth is…

Those are side quests. They aren’t meant for you. And they aren’t designed for greatness.

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Sword fight

Sure, they might pump you full of some quick experience points and maybe give you a boost to some of your stats, but when it ends, you’ll realize it was temporary, and you’re left wandering alone, wondering, “what now?”

—> Do you just start the same training over, hoping for a better result?

—> Do you pick up another random training quest?

—> Do you forge ahead without resting or saving, risking yourself to exhaustion and injury?

Crucially, do you feel that these side quests have actually TAUGHT you how to forge your mind and body the way YOU need to?

This is where the guild is different

workouts by nerds, for nerds

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We want you to forge a foundation with a thoughtful and sustainable system.

This approach allows you to take ownership of your fitness and levels up your confidence stats anywhere you go.

Whether your adventure with us on this quest lasts for 16 weeks or you stay on for 4 years, we want to encourage and empower nerds to take up the space they deserve in a gym (and the world at large!)

We give you the tools necessary to forge the ultimate physical manifestation of yourself.

  • You'll learn guild-approved form and techniques
  • You'll know true fitness lore and be able to spot the common BS/myths the superstitious normies believe
  • Most importantly, you'll understand what's appropriate for YOUR body and your goals.


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The Workouts

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the recovery


the resources

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Do less. See more.

Every month you’ll be met with rotating strength workouts, mobility flows, and warm-ups. Each with a video demonstration and written cues so you know the “how and why” behind everything.

With both gym and minimal equipment options added each month, you'll be able to choose your own adventure and opt for the quest that best fits your schedule and your lifestyle.

Unlike a HIIT class or random swipe workouts, this quest is progressive; meaning, each week, you’ll repeat the same workouts and try to beat the previous week's scores.

This means you'll have verifiable data that you are getting stronger and more athletic each week.

You’re provided with all the education, guidance, support, and accountability you need to achieve and maintain your body long after our adventure together has concluded.

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You can’t level up if you don’t give your body the tools to use the experience points you gain each week.

This adventure offers detailed warm-ups, recovery guides, mobility flows, and additional side quests to help you get the most out of your workouts while helping to improve your flexibility, mobility, and reduce soreness.

And because this adventure is prepared properly (aka not doing 30 workouts in 30 days), you'll be able to give 100% during each workout session without overwhelming your body past the point of usefulness.

This means you'll get stronger faster, feel better, and continue making progress without burning out.

That’s how you level up.


Start your quests wherever and whenever with the Nerds Who Lift App.

Connect your profile to your various artifice gadgets (Fitbit, Apple Watch, and MyFitnessPal) to keep all of your health apps and fitness data centrally located.

Upload progress pictures, measurements, and weight fluctuations and never wonder, "Am I actually making progress here?" again.

Additionally, you'll receive access to a host of NWL Nerd-only PDFs, Workbooks, and LIVE training that clear up the boundless misleading and contradictory fitness information out there.

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start your quest

What exactly is included?

Here's what you get, updated every 4 weeks:

-4 rotating strength workouts,


-Mobility Flows

-Monthly Recipe Guide & meal inspo

in addition to Videos of each exercise, Written Exercise Cues, and Group Support.

PLUS bonuses like Action & Accountability Officers who will equip, prepare and inspire you on your quest, Periodized Strength Training Quests, and Custom Side Quests (mobility workouts, abs, etc) as needed, plus more..!


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Is it nerds only?

Yes. That doesn’t mean it’s only for people into video games, Star Wars, D&D, etc. It does mean it’s only available to people that have a fiery passion centered around a specific interest/hobby. Especially if you were ashamed or made to feel embarrassed about it at one time.

Do I need equipment?

That would be ideal; specifically, gym access would be best. However, you can still have great success at home with simple resistance training equipment, like bands or dumbbells.

Is there a schedule?

There is a loose structure to the program; workouts will be scheduled according to what’s “ideal” for recovery, but the best program is the one you can do. So, it's up to you to decide which days you work out. If you need help figuring that out, just ask.

Is it personalized?

The Guild serves a large group of people of all shapes, sizes, and goals. So, no. The workouts and meal guides aren’t specifically for you and your goals. However, the Guild officers and I work to support you in every capacity. If a move is too easy or too hard, we’re always available to offer a substitute.

Similarly, with our nutrition plans, we work to educate you to make the best choices for your needs, not just tell you what to do.

... fantasy.

The guild is a 16-week program that you can cancel at any time by sending an email to


You've walked through your trials to reach this point, why stop now?

The only question you need to ask yourself now is, how do I start this quest?